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Medicine is changing. Get ready for it.

At CRISPR Medicine Blog we focus on topics related to gene therapy and genome editing using CRISPR for the treatment of human diseases. We strive to bring the best and most interesting interviews and news on everything related to this exciting and rapidly emerging field.

We write about CRISPR – the reagents, delivery methods, safety, quality control, clinical trials, standards and best practices including among others in-depth interviews with researchers and specialists in academia, pharma companies and regulatory units working with CRISPR within the human disease field.

You will of-course also meet the other genome editing tools like the Zinc Finger Nucleases, TALENs and MegaNucleases and any new variants that will be out there in the future.


We’re created by COBO Technologies

CRISPR Medicine Blog is part of CRISPR Medicine Media Aps – owned by COBO Technologies, a danish company specialized in quality control services and products in genome editing.

CRISPR Medicine Blog is editorially independent and managed by the experienced editor within the life science field, Rasmus Kragh Jakobsen.

All content is non-commercial and based on well-researched and well-documented information.


Editor - Rasmus Kragh Jakobsen
Rasmus studied biochemistry at the University of Copenhagen.

Though he has a deep affection for Drosophila and developmental biology he found an even deeper satisfaction swapping the Gilson pipette for a keyboard.

His editorial career began in 2001 as the science editor at the Danish daily Information and he has been writing and editing about science, technology, and society ever since.


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Email: editor@crisprmedicine.blog


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Unless otherwise indicated, the content on the CRISPR Medicine Blog site is copyright of the CRISPR Medicine Blog.

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